...some bio...

curriculum vitae   name : Jutta Gabriel   artist sign: Ga   born : August 1957...on a Sunday!

address : Nassauerstr.58  65597 Hünfelden-Dauborn, Hessen, Germany  mail

Art and design have been part of my life for a long time. I call it ‘eyecare’¯

I grew up in a little village as a daughter of an old farmers dynasty. I love nature and antique stuff

that I collect from everywhere and turn it into something new, something unique.

After designing clothes and restoring old furniture I started to design an own birthday calendar in 1986.

I call it ‘refrigerator-calendar’. At this time I ran a movie-theatre with a cafe and the calendar was a

Christmas present for all guests. Two years later I became friends with an old lady and she invited me to her

aquarelle classes. Since then I have been painting - preferring aquarelle - and oil.

And every year on the 22nd of November , my son’s Birthday, I choose one of my artworks, and present the

calendar for the upcoming year in a exhibition in my studio and at my online gallery as a gift for my friends.

No artwork without sounds. My colors need music. Since 2009 I work together with a lot of great artist

friends, feat there fantastic sounds with my colors...’healingcolors’. Just remember the day as a wonderful

friend said: ...let´s go - your colors heal me...!  We put our talents together and started with the first


Now we are a great family...the ‘healingcolors music’ team...eyecare and earcare...against fascism where ever.

Together We Are and music is borderless for love and peace.

I love making art inspired by my own way of life.

Jutta Gabriel  Dauborn, 11. March 2009

 ...take some eyecare and earcare...start your healingcolors collection...


No. 0... 47 x 32 cm ...

watercolors on paper

...first angel...

art by Jutta Gabriel